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Japanese video sharing site Nico Nico Douga also grew as the first network for hosting the music. Nowadays, I’m more into K-Pop and American pop music. Each difficulty level adds a faster pace with more button presses. You basically need to rip/cut the arms off a light grey button up top with a collar and …

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As such they need the player’s help to bring their music to the world once again. The problem here is that players do have a chance of obtaining repeat modules while also unlocking costumes they might not actually need for a given set of songs. Although it seems that every PV in Project Diva games …

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This is Miku’s crying version so her eyebrows are turned upward, her mouth looks sad, and there is a tear drop under her left eye. While it’s become somewhat commonplace to see Legend of Zelda fans with a makeshift version of Link’s Master Sword, or Kingdom Hearts cosplayers with a home-made Keyblade, this replica gun …

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