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Plus it still manages to be just as user friendly as the original, with multiple difficult levels to accommodate players of all skill levels and a nice variety of Vocaloid music. batman costume It would have been nice to have more variety than just Miku and it would have been nice to have Gumi in there somewhere But besides that its a great game, The game plays solid and there’s a lot of content to unlock to keep you entertained. I don’t have a pic of this but you can see it in the vid I will try to post soon. As you miss beats and fudge button presses it will display a down arrow and drain. If it goes below 25% it will turn red, the screen will start flashing red, and it will display an exclamation mark! As you perform beats and gain combos this sphere will display an up arrow and fill up. Combos are essential to building up your score. Combos occur when you string together 5 or more beats with a rating of “fine” or “cool”. The longer you can keep a combo string going, the more points you’ll rack up.

If you hit the wrong button on a beat, regardless of timing, you will break a combo string. To interact with your partner, call them over a few times using the microphone; to save yourself the breath and embarrassment, press the Y button. You can watch music videos, including some for a few songs not included in the game. Each cloud has a little story snippet presented as a visual novel that only lasts probably for a few minutes per cloud. This review is based on a PSN download of Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F, provided by Sega. Ok so I ordered this a while ago, but thought it would be somewhat useful to write a review. While the Miku program has been used to craft songs in many different genres, the song selection in Project Diva F tends toward the more diabetes-inducing end of the saccharine J-pop spectrum. While the extra fluff might fall flat, the core game that drives Project Diva F is definitely decent, though it’s certainly not the best music game on the market, especially if you’re not a J-Pop fan. Ok, so you’ve just spent an hour watching a green-haired diva stroll the stage in front of thousands of ardent fans waving glowsticks…

Project Sekai: Colorful Stage feat. Looking only at its core mechanics, Project Diva F is about as basic as a music game can get. Project Diva has only gotten a Japanese release so far. It is definitely playable, and enjoyable, without knowledge of Japanese. Project Diva is primarily in Japanese text, though there is a large amount of supplementary menu English, and no plot whatsoever to the game. Project Diva is a rhythm game not unlike other portable rhythm games such as the DJ Max Portable series. The easiest option to do so is simply to select Leave it to me mode, and let the game create a level based on your song. You can take photos of the characters in various costumes, complete with a hilariously stern message that appears when you try to adjust the camera to look up their skirts (never let it be said that I’m not thorough). Comment down below Which Anime Characters or Comic Characters that you would like you to see next. And borne out of the country’s intense fandom is insane merchandise, like Cerevo’s new Dominator gun. Tabs are made out of foam with the teal paper glued on top.

Settings vary by song, ranging from the inside of a cathedral, to a forest, outer space, a town square, hatsune miku outfits etc. They are all very unique and diverse. YAkuzA 5 – Miku snow sculptures can be seen around town. Therefore, just like the professional cosplayer should enter the world of the character that they portray; then the cosplayer and Hatsune Miku meet perfectly in the middle in the world of reality and unreality. In the world of reality and unreality, then for many individuals Hatsune Miku is the perfect girlfriend, friend, character, and for cosplay lovers, then an amazing character to imitate. Vita, the character models are more detailed than ever before. It’s not that it makes any huge missteps; more that it simply fails to do anything particularly interesting in a very well-trodden genre. For example, requirement 1 might be finishing World is Mine on Normal with a Great rating, requirement 2 might be finishing World is Mine 5 times. It does not mean you need to finish World is Mine with Great 5 times, you just have to finish it with Great at least once -AND- finish it 5 times total.