These packs of radiant green noodles were recently seen being sold on the streets of Akihabara during “Moe1 Grand Prix,” a two-day event held this weekend to promote regional tourism and products through moe characters. By adding this visual novel style, Miku and friends are less likely to be viewed by newcomers as robotic shells, but as substantial, endearing characters. Collect cute support characters that will help your concerts! Performing in aura-related modules (outfits) and accessories can boost your scoring potential, and the aim is to collect Voltage – an energy that reinvigorates the clouds and restores them to full vitality. The inclusion of Voltage as the main scoring factor changes the dynamics of Project DIVA X ever so slightly, with new Rate Up notes appearing which boost your total Voltage is landed successfully. harley quinn costume Wearing aura-relevant accessories and modules will also boost your Voltage level, giving you a percentage bonus at the beginning thus making it easier to max it out. These accessories are earned by exceeding the Voltage goal, and you can earn up to 3 goodies on Normal, 4 on Hard and 5 on Expert. Character customisation has now been included as an integral part of the game, with players being able to choose their modules and accessories before every song, making the process more streamlined and understandable.

Hibikase is one of the more self aware tracks, sung from the perspective of a Vocaloid who is aware she is part of a software program on a PC and is waiting for you to program her to sing something new. There’s only one person who can answer these questions, and that’s turquoise-haired singing sensation Hatsune Miku. Unlike previous titles, Project DIVA X sees Miku take to a range of wonderfully crafted stages to break it down, rather than showing off in animated music videos. This helps to create a more unified experience, as music videos in f and f 2nd sometimes felt a bit disjointed and detracted from the otherwise well-rounded affair. Chance Time has also been revamped and now transforms the main performer into a brand new module mid-song, making collecting outfits a much more delightful task. Various songs will have corresponding modules which perfectly match the backdrop, making stage and performer seem that much more in-sync.

Hatsune Miku Live Stage Producer was a free mobile game developed by SEGA. Players can perform re stage and get the memory, which is one of the currencies in the Hatsune Miku Tap Wonder. Thanks to AWESOME TECHNOLOGY (seriously, living in the future here), extremely realistic and gorgeously animated faux-3D holograms images are projected onto the stage alongside a live band of guys who are also probably pretty impressed by the GLORIOUS FUTURE. Hmm, well ok, anyone with some good ideas about what a Hatsune Miku character should have, please post them here! KEI was given a concept by Crypton that included Rin and Len’s approximate ages, as well as the idea of them being ‘mirror images’ and, like Miku, androids. The same applies here, switching to Kaito doesn’t let him have his own dance and doesn’t switch the singing voice to his, everything, his actions, voice are still Miku, so don’t get your hopes up too much. I get to be Rin! Get wild with your hair as you plan to wear a pink wig.

However, there will be those who just want to get to the songs, which is understandable. Loading up the save file from Project Diva will get you all the costumes you earned, including the swimsuits for Rin, Len, Luka, Kaito and Meiko which now appear in their “closets”. Performed by the 14-year-old Kagamine Len, it details Len’s sexual exploits and how he accidentally got a girl pregnant, even featuring the lyrics “I’m coming, you’re coming”. Featuring Miku’s most iconic hits such as “The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku”, “2D Dream Fever” and “Two-Sided Lovers”, it is the perfect finale and incorporates the tracks that have made the series so successful into a single, supercharged medley. Medleys are perhaps the highlight of the new additions, featuring a mix of classic Project DIVA songs as well as new tracks that blend well with the varying auras. While not revolutionary or exactly required (previous games have fared just fine without it), I think these scenes work well by adding a new level of depth to the faces we’ve come to know and love in previous instalments. Particular attention was paid to the fine details of the cosplay costume to embody the image of the virtual idol Miku Hatsune into reality.