animegirlsfantasi: Kagamine Len Cosplay by Yuegene Now, there’s a bit more to Project DIVA MegaMix than music, rhythm gameplay, and videos. Given that MegaMix is more or less a port of Project DIVA Future Tone, the overall package is as expected: excellent music, solid rhythm gameplay, and module customization. Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Future Tone dazzles like so many neon lights on a Saturday night in Shinjuku. I could easily go on and on explaining why my favorite new songs featured in Project DIVA MegaMix resonate so strongly, but it’s all to say that you’re bound to find incredible music regardless of your tastes. adult power ranger costume The remainder of the Project Diva F is a virtual dollhouse where you visit Miku. Vocaloid has given a voice to the voiceless, letting incredible multi-instrumentalists create songs with actual lyrics even if they themselves don’t have the ability to sing. And those of us who don’t have their level of talent can at least take part in playing some of their best songs through the Project DIVA rhythm game series, which now lives on Switch in excellent form.

3d scanned photogrammetry rendering model The late artist Wowaka, who will always be remembered as an all-time great musician who used Vocaloid, has four of his previous songs here, including the infectious “World’s End Dancehall” and the beloved “Rolling Girl.” What makes MegaMix special in particular is the inclusion of 10 new tracks that make their debut in a Project DIVA game–and they are without a doubt top-tier songs. That feeling applies to another new song, “Teo,” which features one of Miku’s most expressive and emotional vocal tracks. MegaMix’s theme song, and the playable version is an absolute delight with an adorable animated music video showing Miku and her fellow Vocaloid friends traveling the world. Playing through a song, you use the shoulder buttons or analogue sticks, left and right arrows, and the O and X buttons to tap your way to the end. A number of other types of notes have been removed from the game however and now the only real addition comes in the form of Rush notes that now, when properly hit, allows the player to rapidly tap the same button to gain as many points as possible before it vanishes. It also comes in three parts. Hatsune Miku hits the stage, travelling around Japan, and more recently, the world, in a futuristic light show that is equal parts eerie and fascinating.

Obsessed cat-lover Maekawa Miku of IdolMaster: Cinderella Girls has dressed up like her furry feline friends once again, with the cosplay bound to captivate many internet denizens considering their heated passion for all cute and cuddly animals. Choose from Hundreds of Songs – With a final tally of 224 songs across both of Future Tone’s packages, the game features the most expansive collection of songs yet from Hatsune Miku and her friends. Minor shortcomings aside, Project DIVA MegaMix is a wonderful representation of why so many of us cherish Vocaloid-based music and, by extension, these rhythm games starring Hatsune Miku and friends. The Project DIVA rhythm games well-worth playing. Past games like Project DIVA X had a brief tour-themed campaign with additional customization, and the 3DS’s Project Mirai DX even included a few minigames. Even as you’re frantically trying to keep pace with note patterns, music videos deliver a spirited layer of charm to the entire experience. There’s even an option to watch them on their own–if you don’t understand Japanese or haven’t looked up translated lyrics, you may still get a sense of the story behind a song just from the music video.

As such there’s no real story to be found; this game is all about the music. If you’re interested in the game and not played one before I would listen to some of the songs and watch some game play to get an idea of what your getting into. The base game, Prelude, is free and offers two free songs as a demo. The endearing hand-drawn slideshow in “Dreamin’ Chuchu” is one of the cutest things in the entire game, and it’s quite clear in showing a desperate young love as Luka makes chocolate treats as a gift. So, all things considered, it’s a little disappointing to see a lack of complementary features in MegaMix. The game also features a full concert editor. Future Tone is the latest iteration, a port of the 2013 version of the arcade game. The game itself is pretty loose in structure; all the music is unlocked at the start of the game.