Hatsune Miku Bikini Cosplay - Makeup Tutorial - Gaestutorial 1. To determine length of straps, measure the length of camisole straps, add 1cm to that measurement and cut elastic braid accordingly. Cut away extra lace.flash costume 3. Secure lace onto elastic braid using dressmaking pins, make sure to leave a 1cm gap. 2. If width of elastic braid is too small, sew 2 together using nylon thread. 4. Glue down lace before sewing lace onto elastic braid. 5. Determine which side of lace faces the wearer. These times, especially on Extreme difficulty, I found myself holding down notes on one side of the PS4 pad while trying to tap away the rhythm on the other set of buttons and switching as the rhythm dictates. She’s energic, cheerful and sometimes kind of troublesome 😀 when she’s singing “world is mine” , she’s just like a princess (miku oujo-sama), while in “when the first love ends” she’s just an innocent maiden, and when she’s singing “Electric Angel” she become a girl who living inside someone’s PC.

bauble balls hang on christmas tree Firstly, the default costume in this PV is no longer the default costume in the first Project Diva, but it becomes one of the default costumes of The Secret Garden in the Project Diva 2nd. Secondly, the PV is updated to be about Miku graduating, making it look like a continuation of The Secret Garden where she’s still a student. A lot of my friends have bought the longer hatsune miku wigs, and they tangle soooo easily and look all knappy, so the opted for this length, and I think it works well. Digital Singers Take Over the Living Room – Produce live concerts accessorized to the max with unlockable costumes, songs, and stages to create custom live concerts starring Hatsune Miku and her friends! In Project DIVA X, players help Miku and her friends sing and dance their way through five Clouds that comprise their world! I’ll need the expertise of Elisa to help me identify the stones, but these cream peach coloured horses are lovely.

I’ll post a pic of me in the cosplay as soon as it arrives but at the concert and before the concert, I’ll be taking selfies with everyone who recognizes me from this blog and I’ll be making a collage! I didn’t find what I intended to look for, but I did get something else for another cosplay. 1. Following Step 1 to Step 8 from “Tube top”, you should get the desired pattern as shown below. 2. following Step 9 to Step 13 from “Tube top”, apply lace as desired. Following on, I went over to Daiso and Popular to get more cosplay stuff. After that I headed over to Bukit Panjang to pick up my UPS package. Being a thrift-seeker, I headed over to the Salvation Army to see if I could find things I could use for cosplay, and, I DID. However, if you tire of the main game, you can head to the Customization menu and cash in your “Vocaloid Points.” As you successfully complete songs you’ll rack up these points, which you can use to buy costumes for Hatsune Miku and all of her other vocaloid friends, including a Sonic the Hedgehog suit or some Space Channel 5 digs.

There are also special costumes from other Sega games, notably Valkyria Chronicles, Space Channel 5, Resonance of Fate and Virtua Fighter. At times it can be a bit too strict and nearly requires you to actually use different costumes so you may be forced to pay attention to that feature. Use gray for the collar. The delivery notice wrote in huge letters that my package was held in WESTMALL. SERIOUSLY. Even the address on the package wrote WESTMALL. Songs, many outfits, and even a few room accessories may seem familiar. I have a few more things to get on my list though. Sew them down. If your sequins are too small, glue a few together to make a larger sequin. 8. Remember to have sequins for both front and back of your tube. We went back to the Expo after the concert, but unfortunately tickets for the Pumpkin Dome were already sold out. LOLOLOL. I wanted to check if Clementi Bookstore (aka Big Bookshop) if they have PVA foam, but I had already made plans to meet a friend so I had to rush back. ALSO no PVA foam, but I managed to find something I was looking for, for another cosplay at an underwear sale.